About Us

19th Century Tailoring began life as The Sutlers Stores, a business that made historical men’s costume and supplied kit and equipment, with a focus primarily on making military wear for re-enactors. In 2010, the business changed and became 19th Century Tailoring with a focus on solely making men’s military and civilian costume. We are a small workforce based on the south coast of England, where everything is made by us. We do not buy any items to re-sell and only make bespoke items to order. This means that our delivery times can sometimes be long, as complex orders sometimes take more time to complete than smaller easier ones.  That said each, and every order is important to us.

We refer to what we make as costume, but it is clothing, and it is made to be worn. Yes, we make costume worn in theatres, and on screen; and we have made replica Dr Who costumes but, we also make waistcoats for post men who want an extra layer in the winter! We specialise in turning customers design ideas into reality! For example, we have made Beyoncé video inspired wedding outfits and Regency inspired coats for working Clergymen. We are also responsible for multiple Hornblower, Sharpe and Pirates of the Caribbean inspired weddings, and quite a few Town Crier Costumes too. The possibilities are endless. We ship worldwide, and for more than 25 years we have made for customers all over Europe, USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. Our products are bought by Re-enactors, Historical Interpreters, LARPers, Museums, Film, Theatre and Television Companies. We also provide wedding outfits and everyday wear.

Please note, all clothing is made to order. We rarely have a quiet period and at certain times when we have corporate order’s we get even busier! Currently we ask you to allow at least 14-16 weeks for delivery unless you are specifically quoted a shorter time.