Sizing Information

All garment measurements on this website are listed in inches. They are based on measurements taken from the body, not necessarily the finished size of the garment.

Do not rely on clothing sizes, as these vary and are not always accurate. Please measure yourself wearing a thin layer of clothing – such as a shirt or t-shirt.

We are happy to receive a completed measuring chart with your order, particularly if you prefer to measure in centimetres (we are happy to convert). Email it to and quote your order number.

Please complete all sections – even if you are only ordering one item, as it helps us to get a better idea of your proportions and size. It will also be kept on record to be used if you place a subsequent order.

If you have previously sent a chart in, please email us a reminder when you place your new order.

How to measure:

Preferably, it is ideal to have someone else measure you. Please see our measuring chart below to understand where to measure on the body.

Stand up straight with your feet slightly apart.

Do not hold your breath, or pull your stomach in. Consider you will wear the clothing when your body is relaxed too!

When you wrap the tape around the body do not pull it tightly around the body – or leave it too loose either. Ideally, you should be able to put one finger between the tape and the body.

Make sure all horizontal measurements are in line with the floor and are straight around the body.

Do not add extra for ‘ease’ or ‘fit,’ as we will do this when we receive your chart.

Measurement Chart